Things You Need to Do Before Moving To Canada

Are you considering moving to Canada? You should know that most things are not done the usual way you expect them to be. You have to be ready and properly informed about the country you are planning on immigrating to. This article will guide you on how to plan yourself before moving to Canada.

  1. Find Out The Cost Of Living: Before moving to Canada, you need to find out the basic cost of living in the area you are moving to. You need to research on the rent, transport, medical insurance, food, utility bills, and other bills. Getting information on those bills may be hard but it is very necessary.
  2. Prepare Your Documents: Prepare all the necessary documents that will be required. New immigrants may be granted certain tax credit and benefits. Income tax returns can be filed before you have an income history. You should also know that you must have a documented history of your earnings for two years before moving. Prepare all original documents that will assist you to prove your past credit history and insurance.
  3. Know What You Can Bring Into Canada: You need to research on what to bring into Canada. You can research the allowed and disallowed goods via the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) website. You won’t want to find yourself in a horrible position of paying fines or additional taxes or having to discard some exceptional stuff.
  4. Find A Short Time Accommodation: This is very necessary; you may not have relatives or friends to host you or received you, so you have to make arrangements for a hotel. You have to take your time to find and choose a comfortable/affordable location that will be less stressful moving around while you search for a home.
  5. Prepare a List Of The Basic Needs: You need to make a list of basic things you will need to organize a home, starting from the plates and cutleries. Little things we see at home are quite expensive, so you need to make a list of all your needs and when you do this, shopping becomes very easy and well planned.
  6. Multiply Your Savings: You need to increase your savings. The Canadian government has made it necessary for immigrants to have a particular amount of funds that can support them and their families for half a year. The size of the city depends on how you will spend. The larger the city, the faster your savings depreciates. If you can get an extra job or reduce your spending, it will be very nice.
  7. Take Advantage Of Low-Cost Services: You should make use of services that are less expensive in your native country; in Canada, some products and services are expensive, like medical services and others. You should compare the cost of services and products in your native country with Canada.
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