The Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada 2019

Securing a job in Canada as an immigrant seems difficult and also choosing a career path is one of the hardest decisions to make. Key factors like interest and talent should be considered, but it is also a necessity to know the most promising and top jobs in Canada. The unemployment rate has been all-time low since 1976 and now is the perfect time to look for a job in Canada. The tech sector continues to be a prosperous sector but there are new reports which show that there is also an increase in demand for non-tech jobs.

Below are the most in-demand jobs in Canada 2019

  1. Full-stack developer
  2. Soft ware engineer
  3. Development operation engineer
  4. Finance control operative or Financial manager
  5. Back end developer
  6. Data scientist
  7. Veterinarian
  8. Dentist
  9. Driver
  10. Receptionist
  11. Accountant
  12. Project manager
  13. Cashier
  14. Welder
  15. Electrical Engineer
  16. Sales representative
  17. Registered nurse
  18. Human Resource manager
  19. Health care manager
  20. Oil and gas drilling supervisor
  21. Schoolteacher, principal, and administrator
  22. Medical supervisor
  23. Locomotive Engineer (Train engineer)
  24. Detectives (Police officer)
  25. Electronics Engineer
  26. Statistician
  27. Civil engineer
  28. Scientific Research manager
  29. Plumber
  30. Utility manager
  31. Mining Supervisor
  32. Social assistance

We define best jobs as jobs that have a consisted growth of job postings from 2013- 2018 and jobs that offer an average salary of not less than $70,000. The urgent need of skilled workers in a vast range of the field is a positive result for the Canada economy, these show that the Canada government is not relying on a single sector to boost its economy. It’s a good thing for everyone to know that no matter where your talent lie or field, there is still a prosperous sector where your skills can be put to use.

Tech jobs still emerge as top jobs

The tech industry still remains the most promising industry, it’s no surprise that tech-related jobs, such as software engineers and data scientists topped the list. The global interests in Canadian tech jobs have increased greatly by 58% since 2015, which has improved the IT sector and made it the fastest-growing sector in Canada. This is good news for immigrants with skills in this field with more than 30,000 tech jobs have been created since.

There are still a lot of non-tech jobs on the list. There is still a high demand for non-tech jobs. A research was carried out and we discover that job vacancies in health care and other field increased by 19%.

Do you have skills that match any of the listed jobs? This is the perfect time for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada because of the low unemployment rate and increased job vacancy rate.




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