List Of Affordable Colleges In Canada For International Students

List Of Affordable Colleges In Canada For International Students as an article, contains detailed information concerning top colleges in Canada that would offer international students the opportunity to go to school, get a quality education and spend less.

Nothing is as frustrating as not having the finance to see yourself through your college studies, I’m saying this from firsthand  experience and from other people’s testimonies.

Canadian colleges are among the best in the world and graduates from these institutions are making great impacts in their communities, career, and around the world. Click here and learn how to pick a perfect university for you.

Furthermore, it would be suggestible for international students to focus more on gaining admission into a Canadian college because you’re definitely going to get a quality education and you’ll pay less for it. They are unlike some other countries of the world where you’ll almost go bankrupt because of tuition fees.


Here is a List Of Affordable Colleges In Canada For International Students.

To attend a college in Canada as an international student, you need to secure a student visa. See a guide on how to secure a Canadian student visa HERE



Algonquin is one of the tertiary institutions in Canada that have attracted international students due to its low tuition. This institution prides itself on low tuition and quality education.

If you are looking for a college with competitive tuition fees, Algonquin College should be on your list of affordable colleges in Canada for International students.

Many students from overseas countries budget about $12,000 yearly for tuition and books. However, the tuition fee is about $4,527 for a term and $9,054 per year.


Bow Valley College is among the list of affordable colleges in Canada for international students. International students, jumps at the opportunity to study at Bow Valley college because of the prestige attached to being a student at this school.

Bow Valley college grants students easy access to books, the internet and other school facilities.

The institution is one of the recognized colleges with a reliable student support system, according to recent statistics.

International students pay a minimum of $6,000 and a maximum of $11,234 tuition fees which cover various materials excluding textbooks.


Next on our list of affordable colleges in Canada for international students is Camosun College. This college is basically interested in the development of the innovation aspect of students so that they could do well in business and other managerial aspects.

This college basically reserves 1000 slot to international students every year and could also admit more considering the number of applicants.  Camosun College has about 1,100 international students and over 19,000 students in full-time and part-time programs.

With its campus in Greater Victoria, the college offers several graduate and post-graduate courses. In addition, Camosun College organizes training for businesses, industries, and students. Like any Canadian college, tuition fees are reviewed regularly.

International students can, however, expect an average of $7,000 yearly. This is definitely a college to consider if you want to save your money and as well get a quality education.


This is definitely a rapidly growing institution that has its campuses located in other countries of the world, especially England.

This institution has reserved slots for international students and its tuition is tempting considering the quality of the education they offer.  With most of its campuses in London, Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology is among the largest colleges in Canada.

Each year, the institution accepts over 43,000 online, full-time and part-time students in more than 200 certificates, apprenticeship, degree and diploma programs. About 1,000 international students from over 60 countries study at Fanshawe College yearly.

Free career services are available to students and graduates of the college. Tuition fees are from $13,623 to $14,223 for international students.

Every serious-minded international student should consider plying its or her trade in this institution.


The merits of this institution don’t only lie in the fact that the tuition is affordable for any student. This institution also offers admission to many students from English-speaking countries.

It is surprising that language could be used as a criterion for gaining admission, but it is clearly a criterion in this institution.

The tuition is not equivalent to the quality of education offered by this institution, what you gain is more than what you pay for.

If you are coming from a country where English is the official language, Georgian College will grant you admission without demanding evidence of language proficiency.

The institution has seven campuses in different locations. Depending on your choice of program, international students pay tuition fees from $13,845 to $32,431. The affordable quality education at Georgian College attracts over 1,500 international students from more than 60 countries.


One of the oldest colleges on our list and has a huge history with it.

The alumina of this college definitely tells the quality of education they could offer and considering their tuition is advisable for every international student or prospective student to try it out, he/she won’t regret being a part of this great institution.

For more than 47 years, Lambton College has been providing quality education to both domestic and international students.

The college offers programs in information technology, health, business, and several others. Students from Lambton are always

ahead of their peers after graduating from college. Tuition fees are reviewed each year. However, international students can budget about $7,000. With the low tuition fee, Lambton College comes on the list of cheapest colleges in Canada for international students.


Every student wants a quality education but the primary challenge is always the price of tuition, And one can unapologetic-ally say that this institution is a solution to a problem like the aforementioned,  because in this institution you are guaranteed a quality education at very unreasonable tuition.

The drive for quality education at an affordable fee brought about the establishment of Niagara College, Canada.

Huge numbers of domestic and international students apply to the institution yearly. If you choose to attend Niagara College, you have made the right choice.

Students pay per hour and exceptional students receive awards and scholarships. International students pay a total of $420 for each credit hour.


One of the oldest colleges on our list and one which has always been a part of the preserving factors of the Canadian history

The college is the first to be funded by the Canadian government since 1957. With more than 4,000 dedicated students,

Lethbridge College provides about 50 programs in career areas. International students find academic satisfaction and safety at the institution and in the city.

The practical approach to learning marks Lethbridge out as the right place for overseas students.

International tuition is from $6,000 to $22,000 depending on the chosen programs.


This college speaks for itself. It’s obviously doesn’t need any introduction. The international students give their testimony concerning how this institution has helped them.

While there are many options for international students among Canadian colleges, Loyalist College is one of the colleges that attract students.

When you make a list of cheapest colleges in Canada for international students, be sure to add Loyalist College. With experienced staff and a beautiful learning environment, the college gives students academic fulfillment in many of the courses offered. The tuition fee for international students is $13,000.


Not only is the tuition of this institution very low, but it also has a platform for working students where they could attend lectures after work which is embedded in their part-time program.

This institution is definitely an institution for international students considering it’s clearly stated goals concerning their fair play on international students.

International students can attend a public institution like Seneca College. This institution offers full-time and part-time programs with an affordable tuition fee. That’s why it’s on the List Of Affordable Colleges In Canada For International Students.

However, international students pay an application fee of $65 CAD on the submission of documents to the institution. The tuition fee for international students is $13,000, and the living cost is about $1,000.


This college offers graduate and postgraduate courses and you’re guaranteed a  quality education.

This institution is globally competent considering the master touch this institution gives as regards to character and learning.

This institution is basically very affordable and advisable for any international students looking for an institution to apply, cause you to save yourself more money and get a quality experience.

Not all colleges are as affordable as Selkirk College in British Columbia, Canada.

Established in 1966, the institution has evolved into one of the biggest organizations in the area. The economic activities at Selkirk College generate about $75 million every year.

The college has 8 campuses in total and a range of academic and vocational programs. About 90% of college students indicated satisfaction with the quality of education at Selkirk College.

Annually, the college raises over $400,000 in scholarship funds. International students pay $4,900 per semester for undergraduate programs and $5,260 for post-graduate courses.

In Conclusion on The List Of Affordable Colleges In Canada For International Students,

Please note, while Canada offers quality education to students, international students should be aware of the differences in the cost of living among various provinces in Canada.

We hope this writing provided your scholarship necessities. Please share with your friends and leave your question or response on the comment box.

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