IDB Scholarships for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries

IDB Scholarships for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries, you will be studying Bachelors (BS) Degree

The Deadline varies from June-Dec (annually), and you get to study in your home country/IDB country

The Next course starts on 2023

Brief Description

The Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC) aims to provide academically qualified and financially needy young Muslim students from Muslim communities in non-member countries with opportunities to pursue undergraduate or first-degree studies at a university in their home country or, in some cases, in IDB member countries.

Institution(s) hosting the event

Students must be accepted or enrolled in their first year of study at a recognized college or university in their home country.

On a case-by-case basis, where admission to professional courses is not possible or available in a given nation, the IDB aids in placing students from these countries in IDB member countries that have generously offered IDB students spots in their universities.

Study areas include:

Medicine, engineering, agriculture, and other areas that are related to the aforementioned disciplines

Number of Awards

There is no information available.

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Group to be targeted

The scholarships are available to Muslims from non-member countries who meet certain criteria.

Scholarship worth and benefits

The scholarships are granted to the students as an interest-free loan, but the communities to which they belong get grants. All graduates are required to refund their loan amount to the community (IDB Local Trusts) after graduation and gainful employment in order to recycle and offer additional scholarships to local needy students.

The Program pays all necessary expenses for students throughout their study year, including tuition, health, and living costs as decided by the IDB.


The student/applicant must be able to meet the following fundamental criteria in order to be considered for this scholarship:

• You must be at least 24 years old.

• Securing admission in one of the disciplines covered by the Program at a recognized institution or university in their native countries with good marks in key science courses and language of teaching

• At the time of application and while studying, you must not be receiving any other scholarship.

A Muslim who is devout and in need, as recommended by the Counterpart Organization.

Instructions on how to apply:

Counterpart Organizations in recipient nations can answer questions and provide application paperwork. Every year, the Counterpart Organizations announce the Program, which follows a 12-month cycle of academic and logistic activity. The deadline changes from year to year, although it usually falls between June and December.

It is important you visit the official website (which is found in the link below) for more information on how to apply for the scholarship program


Official Scholarship Website:

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