How To Obtain A Canadian Student Visa 2022

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How To Obtain A Canadian Student Visa 2022

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Any international student that wants to study in Canada must first and foremost, obtain a Canadian Student Visa this 2022. Because you can not study in another country without a  student visa for that country.

A student visa is non-immigrant visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship.

Before you apply for a Canadian student visa, you need an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI). And a valid passport or travel document. Also a proof of monetary support and any family members who accompanied you, while you’re in Canada.

Further more, it is very compulsory to acquire a student visa before moving to Canada to study. Note that you must meet all the necessary prerequisites in compliance with the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations.

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These are a few steps that will guide you successfully to obtain a Canadian student visa and live in Canada

1. Choose a college /university

This is the first step. You have to pick a school from the list of universities and colleges in Canada depending on their location, provinces, tuition fee and course of study. Then apply for admission to the college/university so that you can get an acceptance letter which will be needed when you start your visa application.

2. Not all student requires a student visa, you have to verify that.

Not all international students require a student visa to study in Canada, I guess that sounds a bit shocking to you. You do not need a student visa if you fall into any of these categories:
-Your course of study is less than half a year
-You possess a registered Indian status in Canada
-A family member or relatives to a foreign armed force
-Related to or a family member of an international representative in Canada, and the person is accredited by the department of foreign affairs and other federal bodies.

3. Ready all necessary document

I’m sure you are aware that some documents will be needed to apply for the student visa. These are the compulsory documents that will be required to start up your student visa application process :
-The acceptance letter from the college/university you applied to.
-Tuition fee payment proof, at least one year.
-A language test result to prove that you took the test and have at least 6 in English and 7 for French.
-A medical health examination report will be needed
-Financial proof of about $10,000

4. Begin the application for a student visa.

Once you have successfully gotten the acceptance/acknowledgment letter from your chosen college/university, you can proceed and apply for the student visa. You will be asked to provide some documents for this application. The documents differ from country to country, you can find out the documents required for your country from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

5. All is done, get ready to move to Canada to study.

This is the final step. If you are an international student coming to Canada to study, you will receive an introduction letter and student visa at the Canadian port of entry only if your application is approved. You will only receive a visa if your application requires a visa to enter the country. These two documents will allow you to enter Canada and at the Port of Entry, you will receive your study permit.


Arrival orientation for international students will also be a great read for a migrating student.

Looks easy right? Enjoy your stay in Canada……

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