How To Create A .Edu Email Account For Free In 2022

How To Create A .Edu Email Account For Free In 2022
How To Create A .Edu Email Account For Free In 2022

A .edu email account with your name will be assigned to you when you gain admission into some schools. It is an email address provided by universities, colleges, and schools for their students and staff for free. However, you can create an email account even when you’re yet to gain admission into your preferred academic institution.

However, most students outside the United State can’t have this type of email address. These email addresses helps students/staff get lots of discounts on software and other services.
The emails have a format in this way, For Instance–

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Why Create A .Edu Email Account?

Several Company offers free services via .edu email extension. And these emails are only provided to studendts by universities/colleges or educational institutions.

With .edu email, you have assistance on information from the institution and its administration. And also serves as a means to get free access to the free services available to only students.

.Edu suffix on a new student’s personal email account will really be a great advantage, especially when a student is applying for scholarship and financial aids.

Some Offers And Services Available To .Edu Email Account.

#1. Microsoft Office and Azure.

 #2. Amazon Prime

#3. Autodesk

#4. Github Student Developer Pack

#5. Google G Suite for education

How To Create A .Edu Email Account For Free In 2022

How to Create A .edu Email Account for Free in 2022 As A Non US Citizen.

  • Firstly, you’ll have to signup by following this LINK. Click on “Create an Account” and then click on “Begin creating My Account”.
  • Follow the link and create fake information about California and utilize that information to register. (Remember age should be under 20-23 only) But, if the name you have created has aged more than that, then just reduce the age while signing up.
  • Input the information you generated into the Account Creation on the application. Input name, birthdate, and social security number. Choose “I don’t have a middle name”. Also, choose No for the Previous name and No for Preferred Name.
  • Also, choose None for Suffix. Then click “Continue”.
  • Enter your email, then enter a US phone number. If you don’t have a US phone number then click here to get it. Leave the second phone number space empty. Enter the street address from the address you have generated. Then click continue. If it says “we can’t find your address” after you have clicked continue then just click ok and check I verify my address and click continue.
  • Then, enter your username, password, and pin.
  • And finally, choose a random security question and answer, then solve the captcha. Then click “Create My Account”.

How To Create Free email Account For Free In 2022 As A US Citizen

  • Click continue then sign in with your username and password if you are already signed out. Select your college from the list then click start my application.
  • The term should be close to the date you are applying like I am applying in January 2022. Select the undecided goals and random major subjects and then click continue.
  • Click on “My mailing address is the same as the Permanent Address in my OpenCCC Account above” and then continue.
  • Select the first time after leaving high school, Then select received a high school diploma from a US school and the date should be just 1 year before you are applying for this application. Click yes and no respectively.
  • Select I attended high school and then state California, Select school “Apple valley high school” or Sacramento high school. Choose your own information if you are from the US.
  • Select G.P.A above 3-4, select 12 grade AP English composition and literature, grade as ‘A’, and then select algebra1 and grade ’A’. Then continue.
  • For “US citizen and military status” write none.
  • For California residency write yes and the other no and no.
  • Select YES in every field and NO for Athletic interest. Select a random program and continue.
  • Choose your gender and sexual orientation straight then guardian education level as a high school graduate and continue.
  • Click on Latino or Hispanic as ‘no and race white, European.
  • Then, select the city of Austin and the state of California.
  • No, No, 12, game respectively.
  • Check all fields and I consent and submit your application. Then just click on continue.
  • After submission, wait a few days and after that, you will receive an email with your .edu email login data.

Congratulations! Now you have been able to create a .edu email for free.

In Conclusion,

If you are a student from the US or any part of the world that wants to know how to create a .edu email account for free, follow all the tips carefully listed in this article.

Hope these helps, let us know in the comment section.

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