8 Easy Steps To Apply And Receive Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Being a Canada permanent resident gives the privilege to someone who is not a citizen of Canada the right to live in Canada. You can also work in Canada without any time limit on their stay.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Because of its unique qualities, immigrants see Canada as the best destination for a better way of life. The Canadian government supports immigration which gives joy to immigrants seeking career development and a better life.

Immigration to Canada is quite not a task. One of the popular pathways to immigrate to Canada is through the Canada Express Entry Program. The following below are 8 steps to enable you to apply for Canada Permanent Resident Visa through the Express Entry.

Canada permanent resident

8 Simple Ways To Apply And Receive Canada Permanent Resident Visa

  1. Language Ability Tests: Language ability is one of the major requirements for express entry. IELTS is a test that must be taken to prove your language capabilities. You can also take the French test to improve your score.
  2. Assemble Your Immigration Document: All the necessary files should be collected and arranged. You have to prepare your immigration file to apply for the Canada PR. The major documents needed are the IELTS Test result to know your English language capability and the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
  3. Create A Profile Online: Creating a profile online on the IRCC is very necessary in order to further the process for your Canada PR. All your details such as age, job experience, skills, languages, education should be included while you register your profile. You will secure a point if all these are done.
  4. Receive An Invitation To Apply:

    The IRCC opens to select applicants with good CRS points and offer them the invitation to apply.  You should know that you will be required to submit a complete application within the next 90 days once you receive an ITA.

  5. Check Criminal Record And Medical Status: Medical checkup is very necessary and must be done by a doctor approved by the Canadian immigration authority. Also, know that you will provide a police clearance document from each town/city you have lived in for half a year.
  6. Application Is Being Reviewed By The Canadian Immigration Office: This step is easy, there is no active duty but you still have to be ready in case any additional requirement is needed.
  7. Confirmation Of PR Status Will Be Sent To You: The confirmation of your Permanent Resident status will be sent to you. Your application can be processed faster under some specific categories. For the Canadian Experience Class, your application will be processed as fast as 3 – 4 months.
  8. Get Your Visa Approved: This is the final step. You are now eligible to travel freely to Canada. In order to travel freely in and out of Canada, you will have to apply for your Permanent Resident card. Congratulations.

Click here to apply for Canada permanent residency and to know the fee involved.


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